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Live Nativity – December 2 and 3 – Invite friends and family

Live Nativity! Saturday, December 2, 5-8:00 p.m.; AND Sunday, December 3, 5-8:00 p.m.

This is our Christmas gift to the community, declaring that the Word became flesh as Jesus came into the world.

Most of the positions are filled, with just a few remaining. Many helpers, men and women, are needed to set up and take down the sets and props. If you can sing carols, join our Choir of Angels!  For questions call Doug Whitstone at 215-880-0412  or Doreen Whitstone at 267-254-8492

NOW invite family, friends, neighbors to come!

Goals for the Living Nativity

Evangelism – To effectively communicate to the neighboring community the Gospel as seen through the birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The intention is to visually display the reason Christ came to earth as God in the flesh.

Equipping – To equip the members and friends of COD in learning how the Body of Christ is to work together. We seek to do the work of ministry as we build relationships with one another serving the community for the glory of the Lord.

Encouragement – To engage in unconditional, sacrificial and selfless efforts with and for others. This involves serving and extending God’s grace to one another whether in set up, drama, greeting, inviting or prayer.

Example – To demonstrate the necessity and power of prayer while balanced with the responsibility of preparation. The success of this ministry is not intended to be visible but rather spiritual. It is our desire to reveal God’s truth and pray for His results.

Expose – To display visibly the work of the Lord at COD. We seek to provide adequate information about the Gospel and about COD to all who experience this Christmas truth.

Exaltation – To exalt Jesus Christ and bring Him glory.  This is the ultimate goal for the Living Nativity.

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