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God’s Arrangements Determine our Outlook by Dr. Glenn Jago

God’s Arrangements Determine our Outlook – Dr. Glenn Jago

Acts 10:1-33

A person’s outlook is what determines a person’s response to life. This attitude, unfortunately, is often influenced by a wrong understanding of God’s truth, or defiance of God’s word. But the fact remains, every person lives according to a belief system. What is crucial for all of life, is whether or not that belief system is biblical. King Saul, for instance, lived according to expediency rather than the word of God. Consequently, whenever he experienced inner turmoil, he chose to do what was convenient, rather than what was biblical.

In this passage, we see two main characters, Cornelius and Peter, who demonstrated two different outlooks to life, both of which were in need of change; Cornelius with a transformation by the truth of the Gospel and Peter with conformity to the full scope of the Gospel. What method did God incorporate to bring about the change? Thankfully, Luke devoted sixty-six verses to describe the importance God placed on getting the Gospel right. These sixty-six verses will represent three sermons. The first section will focus on God’s preparation, the next will focus on the proclamation, and the final will focus on the presentation.

The work of God is visible as Luke unfolds God’s transforming work.

God’s preparation:

  1. The word of God is the authoritative action – Acts 10:1-16
  2. Obedience is the absolute answer – Acts 10:17-28
  3. An open heart is the accurate announcement – Acts 10:29-33


Our preparation:

  1. To understand God’s work, practice Bible reading, and prayer
  2. To exercise discernment, stand on biblical conviction, not cultural compromise
  3. To overcome wrong attitudes, trust God’s arrangements

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