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God’s Word Announced, Opens our Heart by Dr. Glenn Jago

God’s Word Announced, Opens our Heart

Acts 10:34-48 

The audio will be uploaded when available

With the proliferation of information on the internet, the message of the Gospel faces an unfortunate distortion. The Gospel, regrettably, has gone through a new range of meanings that has slowly eroded the right biblical foundation. Currently, the Gospel has become many things for many people. However, most believers in Jesus Christ sincerely desire to see their friends and family come to believe in Christ. But often, their struggle is not over getting the Gospel right, but entrusting the presentation of the Gospel to the power of the Scripture. They allow themselves to become victims of the human-generated witness rather than Holy Spirit-generated.

After discovering God’s preparation, we now find value in looking closely at Peter’s proclamation to the group of people formerly despised. Some questions for insight need answers, for instance: What approach does he take? What does Peter avoid? What does he include?

This sermon can represent for us a guide for the way to approach Gospel sharing efficiently.

Gospel proclamation:

  1. Reflects a confident understanding of God – Acts 10:34-35
  2. Reinforces the completed work of Christ – Acts 10:36-40
  3. Restates the control of Christ – Acts 10:41-43
  4. Reaffirms the character of the Holy Spirit – Acts 10:44-48

Gospel participation:

  1. A Gospel witness starts with our transformation from Christ
  2. A Gospel witness requires the atonement and resurrection of Christ
  3. Testimony to our involvement can introduce a Gospel witness

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