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Don’t Just Go To Church, Be The Church; by Pastor Duane Adler

Don’t Just Go To Church, Be The Church.” by Pastor Duane Adler

Luke 10:25-37 & Luke 13:18-21

              From the book of Jonah to Luke 9, now Luke 10 and 13, we see a common theme. Motivations, commitment, obedience, and action have been at the heart of these passages. The word heart is used intentionally as we must examine our own hearts. Luke 10 provides us with a beautiful parable from our Lord Jesus about The Good Samaritan. As you read through Luke 10:25-37, notice the climax of the parable: “You go and do likewise.” With the title, Don’t Just Go To Church, Be The Church, we are looking at the idea that it does not take big things all the time to make a difference. God often uses small things to further His Kingdom. We are also looking at the idea that we, as Christians, have all the love, joy, peace, (fill in the blank), that we could ever need. We have all of this in and through Christ. We are, 100%, the righteousness of Christ. Yet we don’t think that way. We might say it, but do we believe it? We certainly don’t live like we have and are all the above. In order for us to live our lives fully trusting Christ and relying on Him in, through, and for every area of our lives, then we must first understand who we are in Christ. When we don’t understanding who we are in Christ, Satan takes the opportunity at hand to whisper false theology and doctrine into our hearts and minds; “You’re not good enough.” “You’re not significant.” “God can’t use you.” 1 Samuel 16:7 says, “For the Lord God sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” 

             In Luke 13:18-21 we read of two parables; one of the mustard seed and one of the leaven. Within these parables Jesus is not teaching horticulture and baking, but rather, Jesus is revealing a Kingdom truth that when it comes to spiritual things God uses small things to do BIG stuff. Jesus depicted His Kingdom’s growth as inevitable, just like that of a mustard seed growing into a bush and yeast working its way through a lump of dough. What we often see as “too small” or “insignificant”, God sees as something He wants to use to accomplish His purposes. 

             God is a God of hearts. I cannot stress enough the importance of searching our hearts. Where is your heart? What is your mindset? What are your motivations? We need genuine heart-changes to have genuine mind-changes, in order to have genuine life-changes. 

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