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God’s Answers to the Skeptics Opinions – Part 2, by Dr. Glenn Jago

God’s Answers to the Skeptics Opinions – Part 2

Acts 11:19-30

Often, for the believer, there is a struggle between a vibrant trust in the Lord and a retreat back to self-effort. Unfortunately, inborn within the system of growing into adulthood is a principle of life, which states, rewards are for those who perform with incredible talent. There may be merit to this belief, but it can also have a negative impact when it is the only truism. Frequently, the average believer assumes only the gifted and attractive professionals, who possess marketing skills, realize success in ministry. One author (Jared C. Wilson) made this observation, “So, where once the church emphasized God’s perfect holiness, now they emphasized his abundant love. Where once the church emphasized obedience, now they emphasized success. Where once the church focused on God’s demands, now they emphasized man’s specialness and abilities.”

Thankfully, God has answered this form of the skeptic’s opinion by emphasizing the importance of living with godly character. Insightfully, Luke provided expressions of action to define how the church spread its message, even when surrounded by the enemies of the Gospel.

The need for today is for all ministers of Jesus Christ to serve by believing entirely on the sufficiency of Christ and His good news.

God’s Answer:

  1. Commitment to the Gospel message – Acts 11:19-21
  2. Commitment to godly leadership – Acts 11:22-24
  3. Commitment to generous serving – Acts 11:25-30


  1. The ordinary Christian devoted to Christ surpasses the celebrity Christian.
  2. Godly leaders encourage and empower through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
  3. Success in the effort is the result of God’s hand and grace.

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