Church of the Open Door

Getting the Gospel Right by Dr. Craig Biehl

Getting the Gospel Right

Galatians 1:6-9

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Highlights of the sermon (there was no hand-out)

We cannot earn our way into heaven through works, but only by Grace and Faith in Jesus alone. We will never be able to keep the law, we are all guilty of breaking the law, God’s commandments.

1. All people owe God perfect obedience.
2. God’s requirement of perfect obedience for eternal life is on-going, going on forever. God’s standard does not change over time and by society’s popular viewpoints and opinions. No one can be saved on their own merits, only through Jesus can we have eternal life.
3. Christ alone set the standard for a perfect life. His death paid the penalty and had perfect obedience.
4. We are saved by Grace. Faith unites us to Christ and His righteousness binds us. Our sin became His sin on the cross.

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