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The Dominating Power of God’s Work; by Dr. Glenn Jago

The Dominating Power of God’s Work

Acts 16:16-40

Two kingdoms at war have dominated the history of humanity ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. Importantly, Satan’s dominion is limited, and God’s decrees are final because  “Whatever the Lord pleases, he does” (Ps. 135:6; 115:3). Although Satan is already defeated, he intends on revolting against all that is of God, as is evident throughout Scripture and life. Nevertheless, since all of humanity is born in sin, under the wrath of God, and in bondage to “the prince of the power of the air,” it appears that all is hopeless (Eph. 2:2). But, thanks be to God because He chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world and, by the ministry of the Holy Spirit, set us free through faith in Jesus Christ our Savior (Eph. 1:4, 13). Thankfully, we no longer live under the enslavement to Satan’s kingdom. In the words of Vern Poythress, “When we listen to God speaking, as we read the Bible or hear a sermon based on it, we rely on the Trinitarian character of God” to accomplish all He determined.

Paul and Silas, taking the Gospel into Philippi, faced the attack from Satan’s kingdom as they encountered a fortuneteller and a jailer enslaved in sin and needing salvation.  Paul knew the only solution to their problem was the biblical approach to preaching the Gospel of God’s Kingdom. Unfortunately, whenever you oppose Satan’s Kingdom, you will come face to face with evil consequences.  Amazingly, this passage promotes the dominating power of God’s work over every attempt of Satan to overthrow and destroy God’s Kingdom. It is essential to learn that the aggressive work of Satan, seeking to keep all humanity in bondage, is insignificant in comparison to the liberating work of Jesus Christ.

Here are truths to help:

Kingdoms in conflict:

  1. The relentless pursuit of the enemy demands fortitude – Acts 16:16-24
  2. The redeeming power of the Savior declares the sinner forgiven – Acts 16:25-40

Living in freedom: Psalm 84

  1. The most profound source of spiritual nourishment is in the darkest of times – 84:6-7
  2. Living in freedom is the experience of all who make Jesus Christ their supreme value – 84:1-4
  3. The way of salvation is not assorted but is only in Jesus Christ – 84:10-12

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