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Looking Honestly at Hopelessness by Dr. Glenn Jago

“Looking Honestly at Hopelessness”

1 Kings 19:1-10

The sense of hopelessness may have many causes but no matter what the cause, they can be extremely draining. This hopelessness may be caused by either a self-centered focus or a Christ-centered focus. Certainly, there are selfish choices of our own making as well as those inflicted on us by others. Is there a path toward hope in those situations? And, what do we do with the despair that attacks our emotions as we are serving God faithfully but experiencing little or no results?

This latter cause of hopelessness is exactly what Elijah experienced when he faithfully served as God’s prophet during the dark days of Israel’s idolatry.  After the demonstration of God’s superiority over Baal, and at a time when Israel should have returned to follow the Lord, Elijah received a threat from a non-repentant Jezebel. This narrative reveals God’s gracious means of extending hope to the prophet and teaches us where to find hope in the midst of hopelessness.

The steps:

  1. The diagnosis of hopelessness – 1 Kings 16:25-26, 30-33; 19:1-2
  2. The devastation of hopelessness – 1 Kings 19:3-4
  • The deliverance from hopelessness – 1 Kings 19:5-18

The satisfaction:

  1. Focus on God’s answer more than your expectations
  2. Christ on the cross was not hopeless but victorious

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