Church of the Open Door

Deacon’s Ministry

Mission Statement

The Deacon Board of Church of the Open Door exists to serve the people of our church by helping them with their needs, and helping them connect with Christ, each other, and ministry.

Vision Statement

The Deacon Board of Church of the Open Door desires to build relationships with each regularly attending member & friend of COD where members & friends feel comfortable allowing Deacons to minister to them both through God’s Word as well as through genuine relationships.


ELDER                            DEACON                                       FAMILY LISTING

Rich Lewis                      Roberto Baro                            Aaa-Bro

Bill Bonnell                    Bernie Clampffer                     Brp-Cro

Dave Newberry             George Fischer                         Crp-Fis                                 

Tom Vetterani, Sr.     Jim French                                  Fit-Hen

John King                      Dan Shakarjian                         Heo-Kir

Bill Bonnell                   John Karn                                   Kis-Mar

Rich Lewis                     Bob Tipton                                  Mas-Mos

Thom McBreen            Eric Gimbal                                Mot-Ros

John King                      Wally Wright                             Rot-Slo

Dave Newberry            Steve Marshall                          Slp-Szy

Darryl Adler                  Michael Klouda                        Szz-Wei

Thom McBreen            Mark DeBenedetto                  Wej-Zzz

…Sharing in your concerns, caring in your needs.