Church of the Open Door

Elder’s Ministry

Elder Board

Mission Statement

The Elder Board of Church of the Open Door exists to shepherd the people of our church by knowing, feeding, leading, and protecting through the ministry of the Word and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and helping them connect with Christ, each other, and ministry.

Vision Statement

The Elder Board of Church of the Open Door seeks to shepherd eagerly and gently in a servant-leadership role; by feeding with biblical accuracy, leading by example, protecting from error, ruling with wisdom, and overseeing by understanding the people, functions, policies, ministries, and vision for the glory of Jesus Christ.

The Elders and Deacons are available to all in the church, but they have been assigned families in order to get to know them better. Feel free to call on them with any concerns.


ELDER                            DEACON                         FAMILY LISTING

Rich Lewis                      Roberto Baro                       Aaa-Bro

Bill Bonnell                    Bernie Clampffer                 Brp-Cro

Michael Klouda             George Fischer                     Crp-Fis

Tom Vetterani, Sr.         Jim French                            Fit-Hen

John King                      Dan Shakarjian                    Heo-Kir

Bill Bonnell                   John Karn                             Kis-Mar

Rich Lewis                     David Lare                            Mas-Mos

Guy Schneck                 Eric Gimbal                           Mot-Ros

John King                     Wally Wright                        Rot-Slo

Guy Schneck                 Tom A. Vetterani                 Slp-Szy

Darryl Adler                  Bill Cronin                           Szz-Wei

Mark DiBenendetto     Eric Gimbal                          Wej-Zzz

…Sharing in your concerns, caring in your needs.