Church of the Open Door

Young Marrieds; Teacher – Darryl Adler

Young Married ABF:

Young married couples are invited to join us for Sunday morning ABF in the ODCA library. We are studying with the DVD series Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.

Our study looks at God’s purpose for marriage. Marriage is more than we imagine. The life-long relationship between a man and a woman is tailor made by our Creator to teach us about selflessness, forgiveness, perseverance, humility, and other virtues. Our earthly marriage is a horizontal relationship, a picture of our vertical relationship with Christ, the Groom.

Right now we are meeting with the Young Adults Class in the Multi-purpose room

We will be studying the Old Testament prophet, Habakkuk. The study includes insights, backgrounds, understanding, and mechanisms on how to study a book in the Bible. We also offer coffee and from time-to-time, snacks.

We will be doing a book study next, Have A Heavenly Marriage by David Sorensen.  Next year we will be doing another marriage DVD series, Marriage Oneness by FamilyLife.

This group also has a FaceBook page. It is a “closed group” so please let Darryl Adler or Emily Adler know if you would like to join it.

 All young marrieds are welcome to join the class at anytime.

  • Teacher: Darryl Adler
  • Location: ODCA Upper Level Library