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New Men’s Bible Study Began

Men’s Bible Study

Started Saturday, January 26th, 8-10:00 am, in the Blue Room. But you can still join us!

Most people are familiar with the book of Jonah: a rebellious prophet defies God and is swallowed by a whale. Less familiar is the second half of this biblical story – what happens after Jonah is released from the belly of the fish. Yet it is in this second half of the story that one of the most powerful and important lessons of the Bible is hidden.

This famous story shows how, if we would understand the mercy of God, it will always take us in directions we would rather not go, toward people we would rather not care about, and ultimately into the deepest counsels of God. In a time of growing division, The Prodigal Prophet (written by Timothy Keller) shows us God’s love among people and how Christians must listen to God’s call even when it takes them to uncomfortable places.

Men, join us each Saturday morning from 8:00 – 10:00 am in the Blue Room as we share the insights of God’s Word and learn from each other. A light breakfast is available. Sign up at the Communications Desk. Contact: Tom Vetterani Sr. or 610-291-4567 cell for more information.

Posted in Latest News on January 19, 2019.

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