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10/21: Endurance to Preach Christ; by Dr. Glenn Jago

Endurance to Preach Christ

Acts 25:23-26:32

In the final analysis, the greatest achievement of your life is not your accomplishments but your relationship with the resurrected Jesus. The excitement of your trophies will come and go, but the impact of the relationship with Him will extend into eternity. The believer’s relationship with Christ may produce struggles and conflicts, but He will grant opportunities to expose others to the One who can turn sinners from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God.

Jesus, on two occasions, declared that His followers would be brought before kings and governors “to bear witness of me” (Lk. 21:12-13; Acts 9:15). Interestingly, in all five of Paul’s defense speeches, he did bear witness of Christ before powerful rulers. Predictably, his driving motivation and passion were to preach Christ and use his suffering as the platform to proclaim Christ to a broader audience. Through God’s providence, the enemy proved inadequate to silence Paul as he continually announced the Gospel of the resurrection of Jesus.

Indeed, the Christian faith is an unbelievable gift of grace plus an authoritative source for facing life’s challenges with endurance. How does endurance become a reality?


  1. Your audience will determine the approach, but not the message – Acts 25:23-26:1
  2. Your speaking must deliver the truth about Christ – Acts 26:19-23
  3. The results always depend on the Holy Spirit – Acts 26:24-31


  1. Adopt the Christ-centered focus – Philippians 1:21
  2. Remember the Christ-provided riches – 2 Peter 1:12-13

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