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10/7: Endurance in the Face of False Accusations; by Dr. Glenn Jago

Endurance in the Face of False Accusations

Acts 24:1-27

We do not have to look very hard to understand the determination in which the enemy seeks to destroy one’s reputation. To even the casual observer, the resolve of those on Capitol Hill against Brett Kavanaugh is an unbelievable example of how vague accusations can poison actual realities. Not surprising, then, we read throughout Scripture account after account of similar attacks against those who choose to live righteously, even in a hostile environment. We study the reports of Cain against Abel, Korah against Moses, Saul against David, the Sanhedrin against Christ and many more as it regards the use of fabrications to achieve their goal. Is it possible for us to expect anything less?

Paul, placed in a hostile environment, dared to continue preaching the Gospel and arousing the enemies of Jesus Christ to seek his death. The outcome, for Paul, did not seem to go in his favor, but God was accomplishing His intentions and permitting the enemies to attack. From Paul’s perspective, there was no better time to testify about the One he loved the most, Christ.

Endurance is not the absence of conflict, but the evidence of the believer’s life in Christ. What is the best approach to those leveling false accusations against your commitment to Christ? How can we endure in the face of those seeking to accuse us in our relationship with Christ falsely?


  1. The attack against the righteous – Acts 24:1-9
  2. The answer from the righteous – Acts 24:10-27


  1. Know who you are in Christ, let Him be your sufficiency
  2. Keep pursuing God’s call, leave the result with Christ

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