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11/11: The Mystery Revealed but Not Received; by Pastor Duane Adler

“The Mystery Revealed but Not Received” – by Pastor Duane Adler

Colossians 1:27.

Joel Cassel gave a shorter sermon on “Love” prior to Duane’s sermon.

The letter of Colossians is an intense and powerful letter to the believers at Colossae. Attractive and destructive teachings had worked their way into the local body. Therefore, Paul’s letter was in response to the false doctrines and teachers. Paul wrote to commend the young believers in Colossae for standing firm in their faith and devotion to Christ. His letter was to encourage yet instruct, while warning them regarding the dangers and consequences of compromising with the world. How might this apply to us today? Some might say, “There cannot be any false teachers and/or doctrine within my church.” Some may even emphatically exclaim, “There most certainly is not!” Believers, I encourage you to check again. Look around. Every day God’s Word, His Supremacy, Sufficiency, Simplicity, Secret, and Solution (to name a few specifically) are constantly challenged. How are we to defend against such attacks? Should we fight back?

Furthermore, what about your day to day struggles? What about the lies Satan continuously whispers in your ear? Where do you run? What do you run to? Who do you run to? Is Christ enough? The common cliches of Christianity fill our minds, yet hold minimal, if any, weight or value.

Paul hones in, speaking of a mystery that was previously hidden but has now been revealed. What is this mystery? Well, the answer is clearly found in the Word; 1:27, “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Is this just another cliche? Certainly not! Paul continues on, emphasizing the need to fill our hearts and minds with the central truth of all creation, which is that Jesus is Lord of all. So I ask you today, “What are you filling your heart, mind, soul, and spirit with?” and, “Who is Jesus to you?”

The Supremacy of Christ

The Sufficiency of Christ

The Simplicity

The Secret

The Solution

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  1. chuck dillenebeck says:

    i am so happy yo see truth of the word of JESUS and it is done. thank you DUANE ADLER.

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