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11/18: The Mystery & Purposeful, Persistent Living; by Pastor Duane Adler

“The Mystery & Purposeful, Persistent Living” by Pastor Duane Adler

1 Timothy 4.

In a similar fashion to Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossae, Paul writes a letter to Timothy, encouraging and instructing him regarding the local body in Ephesus. Paul founded the church in Ephesus, while later placing Timothy as its pastor. Therefore, Paul writes to Timothy leader-to-leader. Within this great letter we read of troubles that arose mostly due to false teachers who had found their way into the church. Paul instructs Timothy how to confront the false teachers, while also instructing him how to select church leaders, how to order worship, and how to conduct himself. Standing UP for the truth and standing ON the truth is a key theme found throughout Paul’s letter.

As we dig into 1 Timothy 4 with this understanding, striving toward godliness is the command. Godliness holds the promise of great reward, with great emphasis, apart from this life. The values that we place on the things of this world are so limited and short. Godliness, on the other hand, is not just for a short time, but for eternity. Tune in as we look at the list Paul gives to Timothy of areas we need to be examples to others in.

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