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The God Who Came at Christmas: God’s Superiority Over Creation by Dr. Glenn Jago

God’s Superiority Over Creation

Hebrews 1:5-14

Author and professor of Systematic Theology, William Barrett, defines the Latin term, sola Scriptura by stating that, “only Scripture, because it is God’s inspired Word, is our inerrant, sufficient, and final authority for the church.” Predictably, the culture will violently resist and fight against the exclusivity of this statement. While the believer seeks to change its culture, there is, unfortunately, a strong temptation to compromise this exclusive truth of Scripture, to make the message relevant and acceptable. But, what line of argument must we pursue to reach our culture for Christ? What approach should we take with a “believer” who battles with endurance in the truth claims of Christ?

The writer of Hebrews presents the most robust method for reaching the heart of the issue for those whose hands have become weak through the struggles inflicted by the world.  This epistle does not begin by producing a list of laws to keep but instead provides the truth regarding the person and work of Christ as anchored in the Scripture. His main point in this section is that the God who came at Christmas is superior to everything created and there is no other truth claim necessary or available.

 God is:

  1. The one exalted throughout Scripture – Hebrews 1:5-13
  2. The one worshiped by Angels – Hebrews 1:6
  3. The one declared to be God – Hebrews 1:8-9, 10-12
  4. The one sitting in place of authority — Hebrews 1:13

Our responsibility is:

  1. Heed God’s Word above all other influences
  2. Worship no other but God
  3. Rest safely in the care of God

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