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God’s Appointments are our Opportunities by Dr. Glenn Jago

God’s Appointments are our Opportunities

Acts 9:32-43

This title is sermon #1 in the series through the Book of Acts. The series is entitled, “Growing in Grace and Knowledge of Jesus Christ Through Desiring God’s Word.” This series will take us through to Acts 12:24.

Life, unfortunately, offers many twists, turns, and disruptions that often lead to reactions of anger, disappointment, discouragement, fear, or retirement. How should we view these interruptions and annoyances? Equally important, how ought we to react? We may regard these disruptions as random acts of chance and miss out on the intention of the gracious, loving, and sovereign God, orchestrating every event for His glory and our growth.

The series we are beginning from the Book of Acts will emphasize and challenge us to grow in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ through desiring God’s word. Throughout Acts, the emphasis is on how the word of God and the believers in Christ multiplied. It appears that every twist and disruption against the believers produced precisely the result, Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, intended to deliver.

In this chapter, Peter encounters two significant interruptions, which yield surprising results. Out of these disruptions, however, we can observe God’s perspective and the ongoing work of Christ as it generates growth and confidence in Him. Indeed, the work of God understood, produces a desire to know Christ through His word.

The work of Christ:

  1. The pattern required – Acts 9:31
  2. The process recognized – Acts 9:32-43
  3. The purpose reached – Acts 9:35, 42

The wonder of Christ:

  1. In the usual stay alert to God’s arrangements
  2. In the unexpected, be available for God’s appointments

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