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2/3: Celebrating the Presence of God; by Dr. Glenn Jago

Celebrating the Presence of God 

Psalm 27

What do you do, as a believer, when your world turns upside down and leaves everything you once held securely into a vanishing dream? Indeed, life is not a fixed and determinative set of outcomes promised to work the same way in every situation. For instance, the person who gets a promotion may be excited for the moment, but everything turns upside down when the levels of responsibility and criticisms commence. In the moment of apprehension, waiting on the Lord seems counter-intuitive. Too often your mind convinces you to rely on yourself or another to work it out. How has that worked out for you so far?

The day Israel crowned David king, his jubilation changed quickly as the assault from his enemies became larger than life. There was nothing predictable about his reign; in fact, he often found himself anxious. However, the struggles David faced were God’s means of strengthening his faith.

Thankfully, David recorded for all time how to think in the midst of an attack. It starts by answering this question: What is your absolute greatest dependency when you are in the center of dangers, fears, and anxieties?


  1. Settled resolve – Psalm 27:1-6
  2. Severe resistance – Psalm 27:7-12
  3. Sustaining reward – Psalm 27:13-14


  1. God’s presence appeared in the flesh – Hebrews 1:1-2
  2. God’s offer of purification came through Jesus Christ – Hebrews 1:3
  3. God’s presence in Christ is our celebration – Hebrews 13:6, 8

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