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8/5/18: The Death of Lazarus: by Mark DiBenedetto

8/5/18: The Death of Lazarus “For the Glory of God that you might believe” by Mark DiBenedetto

John 11:1-46

Do you believe that Jesus is the Christ the Son of God?
Do you believe that Jesus is the Resurrection and the life?
Do you live your life that way?

In this sermon we walk through the story of the resurrection of Lazarus. This story is a beautiful example of the Salvation that Jesus brings to each one of us. By looking at the disciples and followers of Jesus we see that they really did not fully understand who he was. The story identifies the deity of Christ and by the end of the story we see that many had their eyes opened to the reality of Jesus and were saved.

The reason for Sickness (vs. 1-4)

  1. We are introduced to Lazarus and his sisters Mary and Martha. Mary is further identified as that Mary that anointed the Lord and wiped His feet with oil. (John 12:1-8) v1-2
  2. These are disciples of Jesus – we know this by their actions. V1-2
    1. Mary anointed Jesus Feet and Wiped his feet with her hair – John 12
    2. They call Jesus Lord
  3. The sisters send a message to Jesus That Lazarus is sick. Obviously, they are very concerned and it is probably unwritten that they expect Jesus to come a runnin’. V3
  4. Jesus clearly states that Lazarus will not end up dead. V4
  5. Jesus identifies that this event is designed to Glorify God and that Jesus would be identified through the event. This has happened before: v4

The Death of Lazarus (vs. 5-16)

  1. The scriptures tell us that Jesus loves Martha, Mary and Lazarus. V5
  2. He makes a concise decision to stay in where he was. V6
  3. He then announces he is ready to go to Judea (Bethany)v7
  4. The disciples object because they are worried about his safety v8
  5. He announces that Lazarus is sleeping and He is going to wake him up v11
  6. The disciples do not understand (they think he will get better because he is sleeping) v12
  7. Jesus announces that Lazarus is dead. V14
  8. He also tells the disciples he is happy He was not there so that the disciples may believe.v15
    1. He is announcing the reason for Lazarus death
      1. So that people may believe
    2. Thomas then says let’s go die with him. This seems like a bit of bravado. V16

I Am the Resurrection and the Life (vs. 17-27)

  1. Jesus arrives in Bethany 4 days after Lazarus was buried. He has been in the tomb 4 days. So we estimate that Lazarus has been dead for a minimum of 4-5 days. v17
  2. There were many Jews there because of the close proximity to Jerusalem. v18
  3. Martha went to Jesus some distance from the house outside of town. v20
    1. Mary stayed at the house.
    2. We know it was a distance based on what the scriptures say in verse 30
  4. Martha confronts Jesus – if you had just been here but seems to soften that with the fact that she knows that God will give Jesus whatever he asks for. v21
  5. Jesus tells her Lazarus will rise again. v23
  6. Martha skips to the last day. v24
  7. Jesus identifies himself as v25
    1. The resurrection
    2. The life
      1. If you die you shall live
      2. If you believe you will never die
    3. Jesus asks Martha if she believes this v26
    4. Martha says yes and affirms her belief v27
      1. You are the Christ the Son of God come into the world

Jesus and Death, the Last Enemy (vs. 28-37)

  1. Martha identifies Jesus as the Teacher v28
  2. Martha sends Mary to Jesus v28
  3. Mary runs to Jesus outside of town v29
  4. The comforting Jews followed Mary v31
    1. They think she is going to the tomb to weep
  5. Mary confronts Jesus with the same line – If you would have just been here… v32
  6. Jesus groans in the spirit – I believe because his disciples just don’t understand v33
  7. Jesus asks where the tomb is – he already knows v34
    1. If they understood who he was wouldn’t they know he knew where the tomb is?
  8. They lead him to the tomb – I think they want him to understand that Lazarus is dead. Vv34
  9. Jesus weeps. V35
    1. What is Weeping?
    2. Why was he Weeping?
      1. The Jews said it was because he loved Lazarus.
      2. They also questioned whether Jesus could have stopped Lazarus from dying
  10. Because of the unbelief of His “Disciples”

 Lazarus Raised from the Dead (vs. 38-46)

  1. Jesus groans again as he moves to the tomb v38
  2. Jesus commands for the stone to be taken away v39
  3. Martha objects – He stinks! V39
  4. Jesus confronts her – Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God? v40
  5. The stone is removed v41
  6. Jesus prays to the father that “that they may believe that You sent Me.” V42
  7. Jesus commands Lazarus to come out of the grave v43
  8. Lazarus bunny hops out of the grave because he is bound hand and foot and his face is covered.v44
  9. Jesus commands others to Loose him and let him go. v44
  10. Many Jews who had come to Mary believed in Jesus v45

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