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The Destructive Power of Biblical Preaching by Dr. Glenn Jago

The Destructive Power of Biblical Preaching

Acts 19:21-41

In Acts, whether Jewish or Gentile, the Gospel was a threat to the beliefs and practices of each. For example, the Jews sought to threaten Peter and John in their effort to limit the spread of the Gospel (Acts 4:17). Correspondingly,  the Gentiles also strategized to prevent Paul and Silas from destroying their fortune-telling enterprise by evangelizing the servant girl (Acts 16:19-20). The cry of the Jews in Thessalonica was, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also” (17:6). Why all this anger and threats if the Gospel is ineffective? The reason is that there is power in God’s Word, and the believer cannot afford to search for a more agreeable way. Indeed, Jesus Christ will build His church using the destructive power of the Gospel. The reason Satan seeks to get believers to abandon total dependence on the strength of God’s Word is that God’s Word is potent.

The perspectives of the nonbeliever will always stand contrary to the authority of God’s Word; which is why Paul did not alter his approach, whether in the Jewish Synagogue or the marketplace. He understood that the indispensable component for the sin of humanity rests in the Gospel and not in any compromising union with the populous.

The passage reminds us of the potential conflict arising from sharing God’s Word and the fickleness of crowds. Nevertheless, God still governs, cares, and accomplishes His intentions.

The process of God’s providence:

  1. The establishing of Paul’s plan – Acts 19:21-22
  2. The enrage from Demetrius’ predicament – Acts 19:23-27
  3. The extracting of the crowd’s passion – Acts 19:28-34
  4. The eloquence of the high official’s plea – Acts 19:35-41

The practice of every believer:

  1. The essential for evangelizing is the Scripture, nothing else.
  2. The authority of God’s Word must challenge the expression of the culture’s ideology.
  3. Commitment to the Bible is expected for all who are in Christ

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