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Defending the Church against the Enemy by Dr. Glenn Jago

Defending the Church against the Enemy

Acts 20:17-38

The phrase, “We have met the enemy, and he is us,” originated during the War of 1812, is an axiom that gains popularity with each shooting that takes place in public places. Unfortunately, it is also an infamous phrase reflecting church attacks and splits. Paul, Peter, Jude, and John all wrote to warn believers about the inherent danger of false teachers working from within. What is the best approach to offsetting and defending against such enemies? What role does the church have in light of Christ building His church?

Paul, the loving shepherd, unveils his heart to the elders from Ephesus in his testimonial that expresses his philosophy of ministry. In the pattern similar to Christ’s final words in the Upper Room, Paul shares his insights for church leadership. As we take a closer look at Paul’s words, the design of Christ for His church comes to the exposure of the light. These words invite us to lay aside a casual approach to ministry and come to the conviction of striving to present every believer complete in Christ.


  1. The proper heart for ministry – Acts 20:17-24
  2. The purposeful activities for ministry – Acts 20:25-32
  3. The practical demonstration for ministry – Acts 20:33-38


  1. Talk is cheap when it comes to engaging in ministry
  2. Truth guarded must come from truth acquired
  3. Union in Christ motivates the ministry for Christ

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