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9/16: Endurance Strengthened by God’s Word; by Dr. Glenn Jago

Endurance Strengthened by God’s Word

Acts 22:30-23:11

If the Lord strips everything from our lives, except His presence and relationship, would we continue in life with the same joy and strength as before? That question ultimately determines the level of certainty and comfort we place on His gifts rather than on His presence. Often, when we place too high a value on His tangible gifts and blessings, we will experience suffering that renders us incapacitated. However, when we place a high value on knowing the Lord, the suffering, though painful, is endurable because God’s Word continually refreshes us with the reality of His presence and love.

Paul found himself facing the ravages of a hostile crowd of religious Jews who sought to strip away his comfort and freedom. Paul came face to face with real suffering and experienced the pain of rejection, yet, he did not seem to lose sight of the presence of the One who alone would never leave or forsake him.

Where does the believer turn for endurance in times of struggle, persecution, rejection, or disappointment?

The reality:

  1. Struggles emerge from numerous situations – Acts 22:30-23:5
  2. Strength originates from one source – Acts 23:6-11

The rehearsal:

  1. Confidence in Jesus Christ comes from continuance in His word
  2. Confession of Jesus Christ is a heart issue, not a circumstances problem

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