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9/23: God Says Go – Missions Weekend: Paul Johnson missionary

Missions WeekendPaul Johnson preaching

The theme of the weekend was God Says GO …..

Paul shared some experiences that he had growing up in the Amazon rain forest and then becoming a missionary there. We are all called to be missionaries.

  1. His authority has been given to us.
  2. Our assignment is not just evangelism but we are also to make disciples.
  3. We will never walk alone, Jesus will be with us till the end of time.
  4. We will receive power so all of us will be witnesses. Where we live, here and to the ends of the earth.

Your place is to witness, maybe across the street, at work, and to the ends of the earth. Be part of God’s team, live His superior dreams.

Exodus 3:9-14

Are we close enough to God to hear His voice? God’s priority is intimacy. Moses asked, “Who am I?” “What if I fail, what if they do not believe me?” And God said, I will be with you.

What do we have in our hands today? Experience, victories, failures? God says to give it all to Him. God will make it come alive if you give it to Him. Are you going to obey? Moses had a rod, a dead branch and God made it into a Staff of God. Moses took that staff back to where he failed 40 years prior and he did miracles and delivered a whole nation. God breathed life into that rod, just as He will with whatever you have in your hands and surrender it to Him.

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