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The Distinguishing Doctrine of Christ’s Body; by Dr. Glenn Jago

The Distinguishing Doctrine of Christ’s Body

Acts 15:1-33

The dialogue plaguing believers in the past century was over the arguments of essential versus non-essential truths. Unfortunately, the current dispute is over the question of relative truth against absolute and objective truth. The impact, both spiritually and morally, has overwhelmingly disconnected believers from setting their minds on things above.

One ongoing struggle, since the time of Christ, has been the attack on the sufficiency of the Gospel to save those God chooses. Throughout church history, there has always been an assault on Scripture alone, Christ alone, faith alone, grace alone, and God’s glory alone. Now, for the first time, the Gentiles are part of those God chooses to save, apart from Judaism.

The fight at the Jerusalem Council was whether the keeping of the laws of Moses was necessary alongside faith in Jesus Christ. If this matter were left unresolved, it could promote idolatry and change the result of Christianity into nothing more than a splinter group of the Jewish religion. These realities are not relative or non-essential musings; in fact, Paul calls a curse down on anyone adding to the true Gospel in Galatians. The true Gospel represents the mission, purpose, and work of Jesus Christ.

How does the distinguishable doctrine of Christ’s body remain intact?

Action to pursue:

  1. The distortion, resisting God’s work – Acts 15:1-5
  2. The defense, revealing God’s truth – Acts 15:6-18
  3. The declaration represents God’s original plan – 15:19-22
  4. The distinction reverses the worship of man – Acts 15:23-35

Truths to hold:

  1. Works never define grace
  2. The performance of the worshiper generates idolatry
  3. Gospel truth is not open to public modification

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