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Christmas: Celebrating God’s Faithfulness by Dr. Glenn Jago

Psalm 111:1-10

It is amazing to observe the number of similarities developed, by the cultural mindset regarding Christmas, with its all-seeing and all-knowing Santa, compared to the biblical revelation of the incomparable, self-existent, eternal, infinite God. Christmas, unfortunately, has become more about consumerism than about God’s faithful work through God the Son becoming incarnate as the babe in the manger. All praise, honor, service, and dependence on the Lord has been cast aside because “Santa Claus is coming to town.”

Thankfully, the Psalms become the blazing light that gives the worshiping community of believers a voice. The hymns, expressed by the Psalmists, reflect real people in real life settings as they rehearse and meditate on the glory and splendor of God. The response of their worship becomes the catalyst to stir God’s people back to the reality of the blessing of being in relationship to God through Jesus Christ.

Therefore, this Psalm, a corporate Psalm of worship, is intended to stimulate our focus back to the magnificent faithfulness of God’s character as demonstrated by his works. The greatest of God’s work was sending Jesus Christ to provide redemption from bondage to sin and the wrath of God. Our only response to being “in Christ” must be adoration and obligation to Christ.

Reflection of God’s character and works


Application of our adoration and obligation


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