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Christmas from Joseph’s Perspective by Dr. Glenn Jago

Christmas from Joseph’s Perspective

Matthew 1:18-19

Unfortunately, the Christmas story can become routine because of familiarity, unless approached with the same wonder, amazement, and thrill of those who were a part of the announcement and birth. Except for Mary and Joseph, the rest of the eyewitnesses could only view this wonderful event from outside the personal element. For Mary, however, it was troubling and confusing until she finally surrendered to the plan of God. But for Joseph, it was overwhelming and troubling when he was introduced to this news by his betrothed wife. Unfortunately, this struggle and its application is too often obscured by virtue of the familiarity of the story.

For the moment, let’s step back and imagine reading the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective and consider how difficult it was for him when he first discovered that his wife was pregnant. How will he approach this news? What hurtful steps will he take in order to protect his own reputation? How will he process this news? How would you deal with this impossible and suspicious account surrounding Mary’s pregnancy? One truth to consider is how life can change rapidly without any warning and when it does, it is too late to change your true character. Truly, in adversity, one cannot suddenly pretend to have character unless one already is righteous before God. This is why living in right relationship with Christ now is so important. What lessons can we learn in our own situations when life blindsides us as it did Joseph’s?


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