Church of the Open Door

The Consequence of Living in the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:1-13

If you ever grew frustrated by the struggle and failure with sin, you are not alone; the Scriptures are full of examples: the sleeping disciples, the denying disciple, the flesh struggling apostle, the contentious Corinthians, the meddling Thessalonians, and the blessing/cursing mouth. In Romans, Paul takes the believer on a journey from despair to confidence and from misery in sin, to joy in the love of Christ. Amazingly, he does not offer rules and activities to pursue, but rather truths about the Holy Spirit to learn and apply. These truths must shape our thinking to produce the fruit of our living.

Paul’s four truths:
I. The certainty of our standing – Romans 8:1-4
II. The contrast of our struggle – Romans 8:5-8
III. The change by the Spirit – Romans 8:9-11
IV. The call to the Spirit-controlled life – Romans 8:12-13

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