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Discerning God’s Values For Our Living by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 2:4-23

James, in his epistle, makes this statement, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.” The impact of Genesis 1:1-2:23, displays remarkable insights into the ongoing role of God’s care for his creation. God’s intention, care, gifts, design, and even creative intricacies, point to a God that is amazingly sovereign and personable.

Craig Biehl made this impactful statement in his work, God the Reason, “When we understand how God’s perfections relate to every aspect of our life and thinking, the seemingly unrelated aspects of the world become part of a marvelous picture of God’s purpose and works.” It is the “seemingly unrelated aspects of the world” that reveals the value, purpose, and responsibility God places on humanity.

Genesis 2 provides three insights, regarding the heart of God, for discerning God’s values for our holy living.

God’s heart; our protection:

  1. God’s provision fights against pride and anxiety – Genesis 2:4-14
  2. God’s protection fights against laziness and disobedience – Genesis 2:15-17
  3. God’s presentation fights against discontentment and lust – Genesis 2:18-23

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