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Discovering Hope in God’s Word Psalm 119:147 by Dr. Glenn Jago

Discovering Hope in God’s Word

Psalm 119:147 

147 I rise before dawn and cry for help;
    I hope in your words.

As another year begins, many in our congregation will be making resolutions hoping to strengthen their standing as an individual. These decisions are often the result of the loss of energy after the past year’s disappointments. Importantly, what you choose to start as your new commitment is most valuable; however, if it does not include a greater desire for knowing the nature and character of God, it will produce no beneficial impact. Therefore, by far, the most significant resolution to consider is the choice of a stronger and more impactful Bible reading plan that also incorporates a considerable prayer time.

The current Psalm is the longest in the Old Testament, and it is, as one author titled it, “The Word of God in the Child of God.” Interestingly, this Psalm has more than adequate evidence for the well-known prophet, Daniel, as its author.

To offer encouragement toward this discipline, we shall look at what this Psalm conveys regarding the importance of God’s word in the life of each believer. It is also important to identify several approaches for storing “up your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you” (119:11).

Scripture provides:

  1. The answer needed in the struggle – Psalm 119:145-148
  2. The anticipation necessary beyond the skirmish – Psalm 119:149
  3. The approach normalizes the solution – Psalm 119:150-152

Reading plans:

  1. Daily reading plans offer consistent discipline (
  2. Deep reading an entire book in one sitting expands understanding
  3. Decisive slower reading, than speed and volume, intensifies meditation

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