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God’s Ability in the Midst of Conflict by Dr. Glenn Jago

Genesis 25:19-34
The pain and tension within conflict is no respecter of persons, even for those living life from God’s perspective. Relationships are too often warped by deception and self-centeredness, which then leads to conflict, bitterness, hostility, and even separation. The deception and manipulation that takes place against others is unconscionable because, as believers, we have been transformed into a new creation by Jesus Christ. So then, why are we still struggling with so much destructive conflict? Is it because God is not able to give us the necessary resources against such conflict? Is God inept or challenged by our conflict?
This issue of family conflict was no stranger to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph; in reality, God sovereignly accomplished everything he declared without ever needing to alter his plan. The conflict between Jacob and Esau provides tremendous insight into the cause of conflict, the insight into God’s sovereign ability over conflict, and the means provided by God for victory over conflict.

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