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God’s Blessing in the Midst of Sin by Dr. Glenn Jago

“God’s Blessing in the Midst of Sin”

Genesis 9:1-29
Once again the continuing story about Noah is more about God than the unusual accounts about a man and his brave expeditions in antiquity. Each chapter unfolds with a greater and deeper insight into the characteristics of God and his determination for dealing with fallen humanity. For instance, the increasing corruption that released God’s judgment teaches us about God’s righteousness and holiness, while the global flood teaches us about God’s omnipotence and compassion.

The strength of this chapter is directly related to the Lordship of the Creator-God as he determines the truths and the promises by which he will govern his creatures and their actions. Amazingly, in the midst of all the magnificent demonstrations of God’s acts on behalf of humanity, they still engaged in sinful behavior. What happens to those individuals? Are they now beyond the grace and blessing of the Lord? Here are three truths we can learn about God while living our life in our corrupt world.

Three truths:
I. God’s blessings reveal his authority – Genesis 9:1-7
A. The connection – 9:1, 7
B. The instruction – 9:2-4
C. The demonstration – 9:6-7
II. God’s promises reveal his sovereignty – Genesis 9:8-17
A. The covenant – 9:8-10
B. The intention – 9:11
C. The display – 9:12-17
III. God’s silence reveals his providence – Genesis 9:18-29
A. The contrast – 9:18-23
B. The insight – 9:24-25
C. The detail – 9:26-29

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