Church of the Open Door

God’s Final Answer for Sin

Hebrews 9:23-28
The salvation provided by the One foretold in the Old Testament is so complete, that no additions, corrections, or deletions are necessary; including self-effort, works, or religious systems. Who would have imagined that the innocent baby Jesus, so unassuming and common, would provide such a complete salvation? The writer of Hebrews expresses the completeness of this salvation by drawing our attention on the three timely and distinct appearances of Christ. Each appearance solves a definitive need that only Christ can resolve. No wonder Satan likes to distract us with jolly stories to occupy our mind.

Christ is God’s final answer because:
I. Christ appeared to pardon sin – Hebrews 9:25-27
II. Christ appears to provide for us – Hebrews 9:24
III. Christ will appear to present us – Hebrews 9:28

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