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God’s Grace Provides the Way by Dr. Glenn Jago

“God’s Grace Provides the Way”
Genesis 6:9-22
What if God, wanting to protect his creation from the nature and consequence of sin, simply poured out tolerance and love rather than judgment and rescue? What if God did not judge the corruption of sin during Noah’s day? Would the world have been a better place? Would sin and corruption eventually disappear?
The biblical account of Noah and the flood teaches an extremely valuable lesson on God’s judgment of sin alongside of God’s extension of grace. This account provides insight into the power of God’s grace over the power of man’s sin. “Before the work of redemption is further carried out,” writes one theologian, “the downward tendency of sin is clearly illustrated.” He continues, “Had God permitted grace to flow freely out into the world, then the true nature and consequences of sin would have been very imperfectly disclosed.” No wonder this passage is all about the judgment and grace of God to provide a way of salvation from sins power and destruction.
God’s grace:
I. Distinguishes the righteous from the sinners – Genesis 6:9-13
A. The description of the righteous – 6:9-10
B. The debt of the sinners – 6:11-13
II. Determines protection from penalty – Genesis 6:14-22
A. God’s gracious plan – 6:14-16
B. God’s gracious penalty – 6:17
C. God’s gracious provision – 6:18-21
D. Noah’s perfect obedience – 6:22; 7:5, 9, 16

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