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God’s Perfect Love and the Believer’s Assurance by Dr. Glenn Jago

1 John 4:7:21

When would God’s perfect love offer confidence of assurance to the believer? When it is based exclusively on God’s perfect love. This means that we will not have confidence, in this world of doubt, unless our love is obtained from God. Essentially then, our practice of love must be the direct result of God’s perfect love working in and through us. Yet, Jesus’ command to love one another does not exclude his words of warning against false prophets. Certainly, God’s perfect love is best expressed within balance. But, how are we to understand and live within that balance?

Prior to teaching how love demonstrates our relationship with God, John warned of the necessity in practicing discernment against false teachers. According to John, love must be defined and then practiced in conformity to God alone even as Paul demanded, “speak the truth in love.”  John explains two important characteristics of love, as determined by God, which strengthens our confident living in a world of doubt.

  1. The relationship of knowledge – 1 John 4:7-12
  2. The relationship of action – 1 John 4:13-21


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