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God’s Place of Refuge by Dr. Glenn Jago

“God’s Place of Refuge”
Genesis 8:1-22
As we learn more and more about how God deals with his creation, we cannot help but begin to formulate viewpoints regarding how God will deal with us. Thankfully, at no point does God ever lose control (even in Baltimore) or look the other way when sin abounds. God, even today, will not allow sin to gain full control over his creation but will provide the balance of judgment and grace.
This passage, more than just a flood and boat story, affirms for us several realities about God and what it means to live life from his perspective, such as: he is the only place of refuge, he will never abandon his creation, and he alone is the way of salvation. In response, we will find comfort, confidence, strength, and a desire to worship the Lord when we live within his place of refuge.
God guarantees:
I. He faithfully achieves his purposes – Genesis 8:1-19
II. He freely accepts true worship – Genesis 8:20-21
III. He fully affirms the desperate need – Genesis 8:21-22

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