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God’s Promises Determines the Way by Dr. Glenn Jago

“God’s Promises Determines the Way”
Genesis 7:1-24
Anyone that watches the political world with its campaign promises and spin doctors or the infomercials with all their hard to believe guarantees, may become jaded with those empty promises. One impact that may result is that the skepticism of empty promises may ultimately produce skepticism toward the absolute truth of God’s Word. Can I trust the promises of God’s provision and protection from the Scriptures? The answer is found within this passage of Scripture.
God promises:
I. Protection within his provision – Genesis 7:1-16
A. God’s provision requires God’s instruction—7:1-10
B. God’s protection requires our obedience—7:11-16
II. Peril outside his provision – Genesis 7:17-24
A. God’s promise demonstrates his completeness—7:17-23
B. God’s promise demonstrates our safety—7:24; Matt. 24:36-39

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