Church of the Open Door

The Greatest Commandment

Mark 12:28-34

Scholar, agnostic, skeptic, and cultural “ventriloquist,” Dr. Bart Ehrman makes this dangerous impersonation of the culture’s mindset by lip-synching, “I suppose at the end of the day I simply trust human intelligence. Anyone should be able to see whether a point of view is plausible or absurd.” Skeptics are as old as Satan in the Garden of Eden, but the skeptic can be a powerful opponent with the potential to manipulate the believer’s exclusive commitment to Jesus Christ and the Gospel. In this short but hard hitting narrative, Mark follows Jesus’ powerful correction of the skeptic through four steps; he concludes demonstrating Jesus’ preservation of the true Gospel.

Mark’s four steps:

  1. The heart of the skeptic: increased self-esteem – Mark 12:28
  2. The heart of God: intimate allegiance – Mark 12:29-31
  3. The honorable response of the skeptic: intelligent response – Mark 12:32-33
  4. The honest assessment of Jesus: illuminating dependence – Mark 12:34

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