Church of the Open Door

Heaven’s Certainty, But for Whom?

John 14:1-7
The disciples learned, and so should you, that Jesus alone provides the authoritative answer for all of life and godliness. So, whenever you face any assortment of struggles, knowing and trusting in Jesus Christ is singularly your ultimate solution.

Be aware that in the time of struggle, your Christology (understanding and application of teachings about Christ) will become exposed and will either leave you empty or standing strong. Deep inside the terabytes of information within our grasp, there are very few whose theology is appropriately anchored in God’s Revelation, so be discerning.

Jesus is the only way to:
I. Respond to life’s cares – John 14:1-2
A. Jesus in your turmoil
B. Jesus, your path through the turmoil – Deut. 1:29-33

II. Respond to life’s chaos – John 14:2-3
A. Jesus’ promise of heaven
B. Jesus’ preparation of heaven

III. Respond to life’s choices – John 14:4-7
A. Human confusion – John 14:4-5
B. Jesus’ unique and exclusive answer –John 14:6-7
1. The way – Jesus, the authoritative connection to God
2. The truth – Jesus, the clear and sufficient means for salvation
3. The life – Jesus, the necessary means for resurrection life

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