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Increasing Corruption Finds a Way by Dr. Glenn Jago

“Increasing Corruption Finds a Way”
Genesis 6:1-8
The person who watches or reads the news cannot help but become alarmed, depressed, anxious, and even confused over the ongoing events in our world. How could there possibly be such evil as the beheadings, the slaughter of 147 Kenyan University students, or the abuse against children. How did the morals of our society become so radicalized? How did right become wrong and wrong become right?
Regrettably, the increase and spread of corruption does find a way even in the best of environments. That is why this passage is crucial as it provides three key insights in helping us to understand the impact of sin.
I. The nature of sin – Genesis 6:1-3
II. The power of sin – Genesis 6:4-5
III. The result of sin – Genesis 6:6-8

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