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Jesus Christ: Star, Sham, or Savior? by Dr. Glenn Jago

Jesus Christ: Star, Sham, or Savior?

John 12:9-19

The historical setting is finally in place, the anticipation has been escalating, the new conqueror is entering Jerusalem, the crowds are cheering, and finally the time of national restoration is ready.  So, what is missing? Regrettably, excitement and anticipation often provide the perfect setting for distortion, confusion, unbelief, and disappointment as the anticipated conqueror fails to fit into their perception. Listen to the crowds’ transition from cheers to jeers, in less than a week.

The greatest danger for truth seekers, is to pursue a secularized Jesus that has been formed and popularized by the cultural standard.  This version of Jesus is a complete distortion of the Jesus of the Scriptures. Satan’s deceitful question, “Did God actually say?” is alive and well throughout all of history. In this passage regarding Palm Sunday, John examines the sequence of events, prior to the crucifixion of Christ, and calls on each of us to fight against popular opinion in exchange for faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Revelation above experiences – John 12:9-11

  1. Worship above misguided enthusiasm – John 12:12-18
  2. Salvation above ritualized externals – John 12:19

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