Church of the Open Door

Jesus and the Impossible

John 5:1-18

In the midst of some of life’s greatest pressures, arises the greatest and deepest spiritual insights. These insights do not come by virtue of our academic training, but from the Holy Spirit and the direct result of God’s intended purpose. This story of the lame man, is an attestation sign presented by John to point us beyond the healing and to direct our attention to the power and compassion of Jesus Christ.

I. The greater the impossibility the greater the need – John 5:1-6
A. Frustration – 5:1-5
B. Obstruction – 5:6
II. The greater the need the greater the answer – John 5:6-9
A. Superstition – 5:6-7
B. Life-giving Power – 5:8-9
III. The greater the answer the greater the response – John 5:10-18
A. Indifference – 5:10-15
B. Hostility – 5:16
C. Authority – 5:17-18

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