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Revelation 22:6-21

Pilate raised a very important question when he sat in judgment against the Messiah and asked Him, “What is truth?” This question actually originated back at the Garden of Eden when Satan challenged God’s truth and as Dennis T. Olson writes, “From Eden on, human truth-seeking would be flawed and corrupt, entwined with secrecy and shame, suspicion and envy, power and violence.” The pluralism believer’s face today, with its tolerance of all confessions of “truth”, needs the words of certainty that only comes from God’s Word. Do we have that authentication? Can we be certain that we are standing on truth?

John identifies 3 absolutes that spans centuries and cultures:

  1. The conviction of God’s truth – Revelation 22:6-11
    1. The scope of God’s Word – Revelation 22:6
    2. The strength of God’s Word – Revelation 22:8-9
    3. The substance of God’s Word – Revelation 22:10-11
  2. The consequence of our response to God’s truth – Revelation 22:12-19
    1. The foundation of our reward – Revelation 22:12-14
    2. The framework of rejection – Revelation 22:15-16
    3. The forewarning of response – Revelation 22:17-19
  3. The certainty of His return – 2Revelation 2:7, 12, 20-21
    1. The encouragement to endure – Revelation 22:7, 12, 20
    2. The emphasis of the whole book – Revelation 22:21

The faith we received from our Lord and Savior is enduring faith, but once in awhile, in the challenge against truth, we can become overwhelmed and begin to doubt. Thanks to The Revelation of Jesus Christ, we are now certain that everything Christ made available is secure and our future is guaranteed. Praise the Lord!page1image16064 page1image16224 page1image16384 page1image16544 page1image16704 page1image16864

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