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Jesus’ Reign Over Death

John 11:1-53

It is puzzling to read this amazing account of the raising of Lazarus from the dead, especially in view of its surrounding drama and diverse range of responses. It is not surprising that many believed, but why did many react with blatant hostility toward Jesus?

In this chapter, John unveils the truths that authenticate Jesus’ claims for being “the Christ, the Son of God” and then exposes the hostility directed against Jesus by the religious authorities. These leaders know that anyone believing in Jesus can threaten their fortified status of authority over the people. Therefore, the problem with Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, with all the other signs, has become personal. The leaders have no answer for this demonstration of power; and soon, these leaders will have no answer for a greater problem, how did Jesus rise from the dead?

Embedded in this narrative, John reveals three insightful truths about Jesus that should awaken our passion for obeying and following Him.

I. In love, Jesus delays solutions– John 11:1-19
II. In agony, Jesus deepens faith – John 11:20-45
III. In hostility, Jesus discloses secrets – John 11:46-53

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