Church of the Open Door

Jesus’ Triumph Over Blindness

John 9:1-12

The greatest tragedy known to mankind was when Satan, the serpent, was able to hide his true intention from Adam and Eve and cast all humanity into sin. Since that time, Satan continues to blind the minds of those who do not believe while attempting to also blind those who do believe. Remember, Satan blinded God’s chosen nation as they crucified their redeemer; blinded Judas, who acted on behalf of Satan and not God; and blinded Peter so that Jesus called him Satan. But the question remains, what resource do we have to help us triumph over blindness and avoid being blinded by the deceitfulness and destruction of sin?

The greatest resource:
I. Jesus provides light when surrounded by blindness – John 9:1-5
II. Jesus provides healing when stuck in blindness – John 9:6-7
III. Jesus provides witness when summoned by blindness – John 9:8-12

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