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Joy Comes in the Morning by Dr. Glenn Jago

Psalm 30:1-12

One of the greatest hindrances to a believer’s thankful and worshipful spirit is self-confidence. In that spirit, it is hard to be thankful and to acknowledge the awesome work and grace of the Lord. After all, whatever good we might accomplish turns into a tribute for self; or whatever evil we might encounter, turns into revenge, self-pity, or even bitterness. There is nothing more draining and repulsive than watching a believer who is obsessed with themselves; but be careful, we are all vulnerable.

Contrastingly, the believer who recognizes their dependence on the sovereign and gracious hand of the Lord becomes overwhelmed with gratitude and praise. In this Psalm, David experienced both spectrums of self-confidence and dependence. Then out of that experience, he provides this song of dedication that invites all to reflect and praise the amazing worthiness of the Lord. Yes, “weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.”

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