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Abiding in Christ in the Family by Dr. Glenn Jago

Abiding in Christ in the Family

3 John 1-4

The sermon notes and audio will be posted when available.

James Dobson’s classic, Parenting Isn’t For Cowards, sums up the challenges parents encounter in raising their children. Though first written in the late 80’s, some believe the challenges encountered by parents today surpasses the challenges of parents during those times. Whether true or not, each generation must learn how to properly raise their children for God’s glory.
Unfortunately, the obstacles facing parents remain the same in every generation because there will always be sinners. The real question involves whether the parent, abiding in Christ, will rear their children to live under the same authority, control, and ownership of Jesus Christ as they are living. God created humanity with purpose and anything less than raising children to achieve those purposes is putting the culture above the Creator.
John the Elder is writing to a church leader struggling against one who is opposed to the authority of Jesus Christ. Out of this conflict, John teaches Gaius what ought to be pursued above all else – conduct patterned according to love and truth. This pursuit may now be identified as the valuable foundation for parenting. What does this mean? What does it look like? How can it be achieved? The answers become valuable for parents living in union with Christ.
Abiding in Christ produces:
I. Principles to pursue – 3 John 1-4
II. Practices to produce – 3 John 5-8
III. Perception to purge – 3 John 9-10
IV. Perspective to promote – 3 John 11-12
Thoughts to Ponder:
1. What occupies the parent’s attention is what will be grasped by the children
2. What motivates the parent is what will be pursued by the children
3. What is hypocritical of the parent is what will be rejected by the children

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