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The Deliberate Necessity for Accurate Instruction; by Dr. Glenn Jago

The Deliberate Necessity for Accurate Instruction –

Acts 18:18-19:10

One dictionary defined accuracy as, “The quality of being true or correct, even in small details.” Certainly, no believer has ever mined the depth of Scriptures fully down to its smallest detail. The Scriptures are infinite because the Author, God, is infinite. From the time of salvation, the believer enters into a life-long journey of growing in grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. One aspect of this growth is through gaining a clearer understanding of the Word of God by the ministry of the Holy Spirit. The call is simple, but the task is a lifetime. We truly are called to find contentment in the sufficiency of the Scriptures, but we are never called to find contentment in our understanding of the Scriptures. The necessity is ahead of us to work toward a deeper and more accurate instruction and understanding of the Word of God.

I wonder how much of our postmodern cultural thinking is affecting our approach to the Scripture. For example, John Frame, apologist, and theologian, asserts, “When a view becomes popular in culture, it seems certain some theologians will discover it in the Bible and Church tradition.”

Luke sets forth detailed movements of the missionaries as background; it supports the central truth regarding the deliberate necessity for accurate instruction. In today’s passage, there are four results from the believer’s intentional and strict approach to truth. The call of the Scriptures is clear; we are to be diligent in studying the Scripture and to be sluggish in reviewing and accepting the experiences of the culture around us.

Accuracy produces:

  1. Strength for the believer – Acts 18:23
  2. Sharp tools for the teacher – Acts 18:26-28
  3. Salvation for the confused – Acts 19:2-7
  4. Separation of the unbeliever – Acts 19:9-10

The approach:

  1. Compare all truth claims to accurate interpretation of Scripture – 2 Tim. 3:14-17
  2. The Holy Spirit alone opens the Scripture to the heart of the believer – Eph. 1:13-23


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