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June 16, 2019 – Considering with Reverence the Presence of God by Dr. Glenn Jago

Considering with Reverence the Presence of God

Psalm 139

Believers often battle against the unnecessary desire to apologize to the culture for their belief and teaching on God. For instance, whenever the culture attacks God for being hateful, believers will often redefine God to allow Him to fit comfortably in the social realm, rather than to stand on the biblical standard. In the face of the conflict, rather than redefining God, we must be thoroughly aware of the blessing when the God of Scripture intersects with our life. It is crucial for every believer to take time to know and glorify God without apology. Equally important is our realizing the wonder of considering the ongoing presence of God.

The Psalm before us “casts a clear light even to the uttermost parts of the sea, and warns us against that practical atheism which ignores the presence of God, and so makes shipwreck of the soul” (C. H. Spurgeon). What happens when the believer spends time grasping the significance of God, begins to grow in intimacy with Him, and then develops a satisfying knowledge of God? Psalm 139 answers that question.

God is:
I. Intimately acquainted with every aspect – Psalm 139:1-6
II. Insightfully accessible in every activity – Psalm 139:7-12
III. Intricately authorizing every determined action – Psalm 139:13-18
IV. Invitingly anticipating every answer to prayer – Psalm 139:19-24

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