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June 2, 2019 – Commemorating the Forgiveness of God by Dr. Glenn Jago

Commemorating the Forgiveness of God

Psalm 130

Two areas of our life call for balance, being oversensitive to sin or being oblivious to it. The sway of the culture will attack us in one of those two ways. When we are oversensitive toward sin, we tend to live in a state of guilt and unworthiness before God. When we are oblivious toward sin, we tend to live in a state of entitlement and pride. These two attitudes become very apparent whenever the individual faces the threats and dangers of life. Those who live with guilt, often approach adversity alone because they feel God is punishing them, while those with pride approach difficulty as an opportunity to demonstrate their spirituality. Both approaches, however, are wrong. How, then, should we approach these life issues? What should our attitude be when the swell of deep waters overwhelm our life?

The Psalmist offers us the path toward confidence amid trial by demonstrating that God’s forgiveness is from the nature of God’s holiness and His steadfast love, not our performance. The outcome of that balance in our attitude leads us to the place of worship and obedience.

Here are four steps toward endurance and confidence in every conceivable threat in your life.

In a moment of crisis, rush to the Lord – Psalm 130:1-2
In the presence of the Lord, realize His forgiveness – Psalm 130:3-4
In the darkness of night, remain confident on the Lord – Psalm 130:5-6
In strength, relay God’s grace before others – Psalm 130:7-8

God’s forgiveness is not the result of the flesh – Romans 4:1-8
God’s forgiveness declares us righteous before Him – Romans 4:22-25

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